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At CNE, we are committed to delivering affordable solutions for document notarization. While state laws regulate general notary fees, the specific costs may vary depending on the document(s) and services involved in notarizing such documents. We are committed to transparency, which is why we list all of our fees right here. This transparency guarantees that clients will not be surprised by unforeseen costs.

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Effective May 7, 2024

General Notary


$10 Acknowledgments

$  1 Additional Signatures

$10 Jurats (Oaths/Affirmations)

$10 Certified Copies of Non-Public Records

$10 Swearing a Witness to a Deposition

$10 Notary Acts Not Provided For

$  4 Protests (All), $1 Each After First

$  1 Each Copy of Notary Records

$  1 Taking Depositions of Witnesses (for each 100 words)


Mobile Notary


$15   1 - 10 Mile Radius from our Office

$25 11 - 20 Mile Radius from our Office​

$35 21 - 30 Mile Radius from our Office

$45 31 - 40 Mile Radius from our Office

$55 41 - 50 Mile Radius from our Office

$65 51 - 60 Mile Radius from our Office



These fees are in Addition to General Notary, After Hours, Facility and/or Specialty Fees!

Use this tool before booking online!

After Hours/Facilities


After Hours/Holiday Fees:

$15   6:01 pm – 11:59 pm
$30 12:00 am – 9:59 am
$15 Saturday & Sunday
$45 Legal Holidays

Facilities Fees:

$10 Hospital/Nursing Home/Rehab/Hospice Facilities
$50 Jails/Prisons

These fees are in Addition to General Notary, Mobile Notary and/or Specialty Fees!

Loan Signing Agent


$150 Loan Signing Fee

$125 Seller's Package

$100 Cash Deal

$100 Individual Loan Signings (Loan Mods, Partial Claim, FSBO, etc.)

$  75 Loan Application

$  50 Deeds (Warranty/Trust/Grant/Gift/Quit Claim, etc.)

FREE eDocuments

These fees are in Addition to Mobile Notary, After Hours, Facility, and/or Specialty Fees!

Note: There is a $50 Liability Fee Associated with these and certain other transactions. See Specialty Fees/Services.


Specialty Fees/Services



$    45 & UP Field Agent Services (Property Photos; Letter Delivery; Make Contact, etc.)

$    30 & UP Document Procurement

$    30 & UP Courier Services (FedEx, UPS, USPS, Errands; Shipping requires pre-printed shipping labels)

$    25 Witness Fee (each witness, if available)

$    25 per hour Administrative Assistant Services

$    15 Late Fee (Late Appointment Showings - Applies to Mobile and In Office Services)

These fees are in Addition to General Notary, Mobile Notary, After Hours, and/or Facility Fees!


$  1 Printing per page

$  1 Scanning per page

$  1 Non-Certified Copies per page

$  1 Faxing per page (Incoming or Outgoing)


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